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Our dentists cater to children of all ages! By offering a friendly environment full of energy, fun and games, we are able to help children overcome any anxiety. They can sit back and relax with a new balloon, play with toys, and even watch cartoons while they’re having their teeth checked. Also, unlike other children’s dental offices, parents are always allowed in our exam rooms.


Licensed Experts

Yuma Dentistry 4 Kids general dentists are AZ-licensed to provide a variety of services, including conscious sedation – a procedure designed to help children relax during a dental procedure. Although it is not meant to make children fall completely asleep, some children will sleep during treatment. Visit our FAQs page or ask one of our team members for more information about conscious sedation and any other dental methods.

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Ask A Child's Dentist

Our staff and local family dentists pride themselves on being courteous, professional, and respectful. Plus, we are always open to any questions or suggestions you have about Yuma Dentistry 4 Kids. We look forward to serving you and know that you’ll have a great experience at our family dental center!

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Accepted Insurance Plans

We want to ensure that we give you the best all-around dental experience, so Yuma Dentistry 4 Kids strives to make coming to our family dental center feasible for your family. To achieve this goal, we accept most dental insurance plans, including AHCCCS and TRICARE plans.

Accepted Insurnace Plans